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Press release VSS AMAC ZM2 was a joke for 1 April

Last Friday, we posted a press release on our website and social media about our new self-propelled harvester VSS AMAC ZM2. We had quite a nice response to that; from dealers and end users to (foreign) press. The love for AMAC’s self-propelled machines has not disappeared, we noticed. In any case, we loved seeing your enthusiasm for the ZM2!


Have you seen the date yet?!

However, this is an April Fools’ joke. And now you may be thinking, huh, but surely it was posted before 1 April, wasn’t it?! Some jokes need a little run-up and that was the case with this one.

So alas! VSS Machinebouw will not start producing and delivering self-propelled machines. Of course, we will continue to produce our carried and pulled capacity machines under brand name VSS AMAC at our factory.


Order your VSS AMAC Harvester and Onion Loader

Looking for a new stock harvester or onion loader for autumn? Then visit your nearest VSS AMAC dealer or contact our sales team at or call 0113 – 56 70 50.


In the gif below, you can see how we fooled a lot of people:

News item published on: April 3, 2023

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