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And it’s back: the self-propelled harvester ZM2

By popular demand, VSS Machinebouw is returning the self-propelled two-row harvester to its product range. After months of development, the first VSS AMAC ZM2 rolled out of production in Oudelande last month. The popular
AMAC ZM2 machine
was last produced in 2008. A comparable machine in the market failed to materialise, so VSS Machinebouw nevertheless decided to restart production. In doing so, we meet the demand for a simple and user-friendly self-propelled harvester. And we offer a simple, affordable solution for today’s arable farmer.

Technical Specifications VSS AMAC ZM2:

  • Working width 1.50 metres / 1.70 metres
  • 3 sieving mats hydraulically driven
  • Hydraulically driven discs i.c.w. diabolo set and/or automatic depth control
  • Vario axial roller set with 18 rollers
  • 1.30 metre conveyor/lightweight with moving sides
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Rear-wheel steering with portal with automatic centre position
  • Automatic levelling
  • Cat C7.1 Tier 5 275HP 6 cylinder power unit

Delivery of the self-propelled vehicle

In the coming weeks, we will deliver the first machine to the end customer. This season, we will extensively test the upgraded ZM2, after which we will launch the first batch of four machines in November. The VSS AMAC product portfolio is expanding once again, with the addition of a self-propelled machine. We expect to deliver the first machines by mid-April 2024.

More information

We will soon bring you more news about the VSS AMAC ZM2 and the results of the tests. Would you like to know more about this machine in the meantime? Then please feel free to contact our sales team at or call 0113 – 56 70 50 for more information.


News item published on: March 31, 2023

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